Photographs on a variety of themes taken over the last 50 years using a variety of methods have been carefully selected and are presented in five sections: GOD (The deceased); STAR (The celebrities); SPECTACLE (Dream worlds that take us to another dimension); BODY (The body undressed - beauty, eroticism, struggle); and ACCIDENTS (Disaster 11 March 2011 - Portraits of victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake).

GOD (The deceased)

The exhibition opens with a selection of images of people who have already passed away. The subjects are all famous people familiar to everyone. Although none of the subjects are with us anymore, thanks to Shinoyama's photographs we can recall their faces clearly. According to Shinoyama, photographers are often witnesses to the "death of time." This is at once a reflection on Shinoyama's own activities and an insight into the essence of "photographs," in that from the moment they are taken they are destined to become images of the "past."

Shintaro Katsu, 1992

Toru Takemitsu, 1990

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery