Installation View

photo: KIOKU Keizo

Comment from exhibition space designer Hideyuki Nakayama

Hideyuki Nakayama

An exhibition from a single photographer covering ten years and six series, including new works. How could I create spaces within the two large exhibition rooms to reflect the distinct feeling of each piece? This was the key question that guided my work on the venue.
Observing the differences in ceiling height and light distribution within the rooms, I prepared six entirely different spaces connected by a single route. Dramatic changes in height and brightness arise as a result, and to ensure that these do not overshadow the art, each space is built around a symmetry reminiscent of the act of picking up a photobook, and the shapes and sizes of the apertures are adjusted to create serene side-by-side relationships like the spines of books on a shelf.
My goal was to create an experience in which time spent in the venue was superimposed at the deepest levels of awareness with both the spacetime navigated by the photographer with her camera and the gaze behind the lens, which swings like a pendulum back and forth between macro and micro scales.

Hideyuki Nakayama, architect