ARAKI Nobuyoshi: Photo-Crazy A


As well as the new works that form its core, the exhibition also includes some early photographs and ongoing projects. It is divided into nine sections: Dai Koga (Grand Light Picture Scroll); One Hundred Views of the Sky; One Hundred Views of Flowers; Shakyo Rojin A Nikki 2017.7.7 (A Diary 2017.7.7); The Greengrocer; POLANOGRAPHY; Hi-Nikki (Non-Diary Diary); Yuen no Onna (Captive Women in a Pleasure Garden); and Setsujitsu (Ripping The Truth).

7. Hi-Nikki (Non-Diary Diary) (From an ongoing project)

The digital camera works presented as a slideshow in this section are extracted from a series that was featured in a project for Fondation Cartier in Paris in 2014, and still continues on a subscription website. The title of the series, referring to how the photos are “less a diary, more a transcript of time,” also relates to the way that digital photography is “non-photography photography,” thereby encapsulating Araki’s paradoxical and rather detached approach to the digital medium.

Hi-Nikki (Non-Diary Diary), 2014-2017

Hi-Nikki (Non-Diary Diary), 2014-2017