ARAKI Nobuyoshi: Photo-Crazy A


As well as the new works that form its core, the exhibition also includes some early photographs and ongoing projects. It is divided into nine sections: Dai Koga (Grand Light Picture Scroll); One Hundred Views of the Sky; One Hundred Views of Flowers; Shakyo Rojin A Nikki 2017.7.7 (A Diary 2017.7.7); The Greengrocer; POLANOGRAPHY; Hi-Nikki (Non-Diary Diary); Yuen no Onna (Captive Women in a Pleasure Garden); and Setsujitsu (Ripping The Truth).

3. One Hundred Views of Flowers (New work)

Inspired by the Hundred Flowers produced by the Edo-period painter Ito Jakuchu, this series is composed of 100 monochrome prints of flowers in various states, blooming exquisitely or wilting away. The multilayered and delicate gradation visible here speaks to the way in which Araki makes the most of the rich expressive potentiality of monochrome photography. Doing away here with the dolls and similar props that often appeared in his photographs up until now, these works represent a purer form of photographic sensibility.

One Hundred Views of Flowers, 2017