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KITAYAMA Koh | Yutenji Apartments | 2010 | model size: 1/20

A 46-unit housing complex, the Yutenji Apartments stand in an area lined with wooden residences. Consisting of three wings,open, transparent volumes in the centre of the lot, and small, closed volumes by the edges of the site that correspond to the neighbour buildings. This creates a complex exterior space within the lot that connects to the neighbourhood. The housing units are linked by balconies that connect the transparent volume with the closed volume, and construct an annex. The sight lines intersect between the units and the residents go about their daily lives while constantly remaining aware of each other's presence. This type of connectivity was intended to induce a sense of community.

Yutenji Apartments
© architecture WORKSHOP
photo: Daici Ano

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery ARTS SHOWER 2011