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Eight well-known Swiss brands, together with the design principles that they have inherited, are introduced through dynamic exhibits that communicate the cultural richness of Swiss design.

"Bally 160th Anniversary Catalogue", Bally, 2011
Established in 1851 as a maker of ribbons, and later developing a shoe-manufacturing business, Bally is a brand appreciated for its combination of function and design. Historical posters from the company’s archives are presented, along with shoes and details of logo design.

"Officer's Knife", VICTORINOX, 1897
Established in 1884 by cutler Carl Elsener, Victorinox has built up an unassailable lead with its multi-tool army knives. Their simple, functional design has an iconic presence in Swiss design. About 200 historic and current items are displayed, including prototypes and models using special materials.

"USM Haller", USM Modular Furniture
USM Haller was developed in 1963 by architect Fritz Haller and Paul Schaerer, grandson of USM’s founder. This was a simple and flexible range of modular storage created by adapting the modular steel frame system from USM’s factory for use as furniture. The exhibition shows the process of shifting from architecture to furniture and exhibits valuable materials including architectural models.

Original drawing for fabric "ECCO - colorful facets" (detail), Christian Fischbacher, 2012
Manufacturer of fine interior fabrics established in 1819. From the start, the company produced fashion fabrics, and its quality designs have a strong presence. Precious original design drawings are displayed along with products demonstrating the attention given to design.

"Swiss Emblem Red", SIGG, (original design 1957) © STAR CORPORATION
In 1908, Ferdinand Sigg, an expert at machining metals established a company that grew by manufacturing products from a new material, aluminium. Production of Sigg’s Traveller began in 1957, and the simple structure and design of this aluminium bottle has made it an international favourite ever since.

Kurt Naef, "Naef Spiel", © Naef Spiele AG, (original design 1958)
Toymaker established in 1958 Kurt Naef. Beginning with Naef Spiel, a new concept for wooden bricks with infinite possibilities, Naef produced a series of new products characterised by ingenious and exquisite manufacture that has kept them in use over the years.

"F06 SERENA", Freitag, 2012
Known for its bags made from old truck tarpaulins with cheerful colour combinations, Freitag was established by the Freitag brothers in 1993. Driven by misgivings about mass consumption, they pursued solutions that performed well in terms of both recycling and design, and the synergy between these two characteristics led to an original vision appropriate for today’s society.

"WHITE LOOP", Swatch, 2014
Quartz watches made by Swatch from plastic with colourful, simple and innovative designs transformed the conventional image of Swiss timepieces. Established in 1983, this company’s design philosophy is unique. That philosophy is presented in conjunction with an exhibit that brings together a collection of all the limited-edition Club Watch models from the Swatch fan club.

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery