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The powerful, consistent attraction that we feel for art does not always come from visible things such as colours, shapes, or materials. Instead, it surely comes from the various questions posed by the meanings and ideas embodied in a work.
The ten artists presented in the exhibition have their eye on issues emerging from the contemporary society that we live in. The topics addressed by their works are varied, including the city and nature, individual’s identity and how history shapes that identity, and the question of the definition of art. They make it possible to share other people’s individual experience as the viewer on a more profound level. Many of the artists show us how to look at the world especially their daily lives from a different, new perspective.
As we view their works, the questions that these artists pose concerning the world and concerning art are eventually transformed into our own personal questions.
This exhibition showcases ten artists - Mircea Cantor, Omer Fast, Peter Fischli David Weiss, Ryan Gander, Liam Gillick, Pierre Huyghe, Koizumi Meiro, Glenn Ligon, Shimabuku, Danh Vo - selected from the Ishikawa Collection, Okayama, which is notable for its large number of conceptual works.

Ftt, Ft, Ftt, Ftt, Ffttt, Ftt, or somewhere between a modern representation of how a contemporary gesture came into being, an illustration of the physicality of an argument between Theo and Piet regarding the dynamic aspect of the diagonal line and attempting to produce a chroma-key set for a hundred cinematic scenes
© Ryan Gander, courtesy the artist and TARO NASU
photo: KIOKU Keizo

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2014 Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery