Feel and Think: A New Era of Tokyo Fashion


Under the concept “Separate and Connect,” the architect NAKAMURA Ryuji devised an innovative way to divide the venue at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery: thirty-one segments in different shapes were realised with joists instead of walls. Each designer chose twenty segments in which to exhibit their own work while considering neighbouring displays. This is an attempt to live in harmony and at the same time an expression of their uniqueness in the metropolis. There are three entrance doors and no arrows to indicate directions. The audience can walk around freely and experience not merely an appreciation for the clothes but for the real imagination of these designers and of NAKAMURA, who laid out the space.

  • Designer
  • h. NAOTO
  • keisuke kanda
  • matohu
  • minä perhonen
  • mintdesigns
  • SASQUATCHfabrix.
  • writtenafterwards
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Tokyo Operacity Art Gallery