Feel and Think: A New Era of Tokyo Fashion


Feel and Think: A New Era of Tokyo Fashion

Tuesday, 18 October – Sunday, 25 December, 2011
Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

Opening hours:
11:00 - 19:00 (to 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays. entry up to 30 minutes before closing)
Closed on Mondays
*The exhibition schedule are subject to change. The latest information will be uploaded on our website.
adult 1000 (800) yen, university and high school students 800 (600) yen, junior high and elementary school students 600 (400) yen

*Fare includes admission for “From the Terada Collection 039 Younger Generation” and “project N 47 KAMINISHI Erica.” Admission for collection exhibition only is 200 yen (no discount.)
*Fares in brackets are rates for groups of 15 or more. Half-price reduction from 1 hour before closing. Half-price reduction for 65-years-old and above. Free entrance for junior high and elementary school students on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Free entrance for person with disability certificate and an attendant. Only one reduction is available at a time. Nonrefundable.

Organisers  Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation / Bunka Fashion Research Institute, Bunka Gakuen University
Sponsor  Nippon Life Insurance Company
Cooperation  Sogo Bussan Co., Ltd. / Atelier Sugimoto / Inoue Industries Co., Ltd. / Kiiya Co., Ltd.
Patronised by  Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry / The Mainichi Newspapers / The Japan Fashion Week Organization
Space Design  NAKAMURA Ryuji (Ryuji Nakamura & Associates Co., Ltd.)
Structural design  OHNO Hirofumi (OHNO JAPAN Co.,Ltd)
Curated by  Joint Research Center for Fashion and Clothing Culture “Research on Japanese Contemporary Fashion Design” (TAKAGI Yoko, NARUMI Hiroshi, NISHITANI Mariko, HORI Motoaki)

For inquiries: Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery Tel: 03-5353-0756
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