Verner Panton


Who is Verner Panton?  If you are enquired about this name, you might think of Panton Chair that is the streamlined form with the first single-unit cantilevered chair made of molded plastic. Verner Panton, who was born in Denmark, immediately established himself at the forefront of avant-garde design in Europe in 1960's in consequence of producing famous design collaborating with industrial producers.

His works were not limited to single objects, but extend to the design of entire space like the product design, architecture – few of which were actually built – and the exhibition. At a glance, extravagant forms and the use of strong, intense colours might typify his work, but what he retained throughout his work was a systematic approach to design. For this reason, his interest didn't only reach to the furniture but entire space. Unfortunately, his singular design has not ever been reflected as the subject of the research in the design history, because of just the singularity.

This exhibition is the retrospective to present Panton's extensive and diverse work that the Vitra Design Museum planed and Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery originally organized. This exhibition focuses nearly 150 works of furniture, lightings, textiles, models, sketches and videos, etc., from the Vitra Design Museum collection, between the mid-fifties and the mid-seventies during which time he had a substantial influence upon the direction and development on international design. This exhibition, which presents his total space design, would provide the opportunity to look back on the past and look to the future in the modern design.