The House and the City: Architecture by Diener & Diener



Wohn- und BuNrohaus BaNumleingasse Basel CH 2004 photo: Christian Richters

Whether new construction, renovation, or architectural extension, D&D's process starts from carefully listening to the voices of the plot and peripherysurroundings. Section 1, the first room in the exhibition, is composed as a tour of each project, so that the visitor can experience D&D's approach by walking around the city, guidebook in hand (provided at the entrance). The visitor will find architectural models of cities, with D&D's projects, as well as the surrounding streetscapesbuildings, all made with the same wood material. These models were made by D&D at the designing stage, to confirm how each project "naturally, and effectively communicates its intentions within the city". The viewer may not immediately recognize which is the D&D project. In these models we find D&D's basic approach; architecture as something within a continuity of urban time and space.

Wohn | und GeschaNftshaNuser Brauerei Warteck Basel  CH 1996 photo: H.R.Disch
Museum fuNr Naturkunde der Humboldt UniversitaNt zu Berlin DE 1997 | photo: Stephan MuNller

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