The House and the City: Architecture by Diener & Diener



Schweizerische Botschaft Berlin  DE 2000 photo: Christian Richters

Stating that D&D's architecture stands as deliberately immersed within the city is not to say that they are without a clear voice. Transposing the city's memories into the contemporary, D&D's architecture serves to amplify and invigorate the city's inherent functions, for it to weave new stories for the future. Section 2 of the exhibition is designed for the viewer to discover what kind of thinking gives birth to their mild mannered "weak architecture", and how they form creative devices to link various elements.

Some of the best examples of D&D's design approach can be found in the Swiss Embassy in Germany. The project brief was to renovate and extend the old Swiss Embassy in Berlin, where Hitler's Welthauptstadt Germania, and the air-raids of WWII had both served to strip the surrounding streetscapebuildings and isolate the site. The old embassy had witnessed the reign of Nazis, the Cold War, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. What manner of presence should the embassy be, in a city which is itself a palimpsest of history and development? What architectural response?

On view in Section 2 are D&D's competition process documents; detailed analysis and plans always provided no matter whether the project is new construction, renovation, or master plan. Through turning pages of these large-size books, the viewer will see how D&D approach the differing conditions of each project, as well as their underlying urban and architectural philosophy.

Halle 7 Frankfurter Buchmesse DE 1998 photo: Deimel Wittmar

WohnhaNuser KNSM| und Java|Eiland Amsterdam  NL 2001 photo: Christian Richters

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