SONE Yutaka[Perfect Moment]


Los Angeles-based artist Sone Yutaka is highly acclaimed throughout the world. His works have covered a truly wide range, from projects that draw in and involve viewers, to videos, sculptures, drawings, and oil paintings. The particular focus of his energy in recent years has been sculpture, which he works on at studios in China and Mexico together with local artisans.

Sone once said, “I chose art to become an architect.” That may be another way of saying that art allows you to create forms and scenes on a scale not possible with architecture. To Sone, art is both the gestalt produced by human activity and a method of discovering areas as yet unknown to humanity. Sone takes the fleeting and ephemeral, like sunbeams streaming through the leaves of trees, and the work of humanity like cityscapes and Ferris wheels, and carves them into marble, giving birth to jungle yet unexplored by man. His art is based on the desire to free people from their limitations and discover their own utopia—a "Perfect Moment"—in the midst of a chaos rich with diversity.

Tokyo Operacity Art Gallery