This is the first large solo exhibition in Tokyo by internationally acclaimed artist Ryan Gander (born in the UK in 1976). Gander works in a range of genres, including objects, installations, paintings, photography and video. His works are typically inspired by the artist noticing something that we tend to take for granted and no longer even think about in daily life. The profusion of intellectual curiosity that underlies his practice is evidenced by his observations on the act of seeing and his astute analyses of everyday experiences. The resulting works stimulate viewers' thoughts and creativity, leading us to questions. The true value of Gander's works lies in how they create unexpected links and partially hide information, creating humorous opportunities for considering the origins of things or habits. Encountering one of his works triggers laughter, followed by a surprising discovery. Gander professes to be looking forward to this solo exhibition, in which he plans to treat an entire space as a single coherent work, incorporating even the new works that are included in the exhibition.
This solo exhibition was originally planned for 2021, but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the artist's generous offer of cooperation enabled the production that year of two Collection Exhibitions curated by Ryan Gander instead. Gander shone new light on the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery's Terada Collection by clever application of a completely different approach that resulted in a successful exhibition despite the difficult circumstances. That confidence in his own creative abilities is a hallmark of Gander's work. In 2022, in addition to his long-awaited solo exhibition, Gander is taking over the upper floor gallery again to present Collection Exhibition curated by Ryan Gander.

2000 year collaboration (The Prophet)
2000 year collaboration (The Prophet) 2018
Ishikawa Foundation Courtesy the artist and TARO NASU photo: Stevie Dix