1. Artist Talk by Hans Eijkelboom

    【Canceled】This event was canceled due to a precautionary measure against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

    • Time and date
      14:00―16:00 on Saturday, 11 April
    • Speakers
      Hans Eijkelboom, Makoto Ishizeki (Curator of The Kyoto Costume Institute),
      Chinatsu Makiguchi (Associate Curator of The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto)
    • Venue
      Conference Room, 7th floor, Tokyo Opera City Building
    • Capacity
      70 (no reserved seating)
    • Admission
      Free. (Admission to exhibition not included.) Queuing ticket required. *
    • Queuing tickets (one per person) will be distributed at the gallery entrance on the day of the event from 11:00. After receiving a queuing ticket, please line up in front of the venue (Conference Room, 7th floor) in order of ticket number by 13:40.
  2. Please share your "dress code" pictures on Instagram!

    You are all invited to submit pictures of your very own "dress code." Please post photographs of your outfits with simple comments or one of the 13 keywords. The stylist Eri Takayama, known for her work with fashion magazines and actresses, and the exhibition staff will choose the funniest and coolest submissions, and publish them on our official Instagram account.

    • Note: On our account, the Repost function will only display the selectedphotos.

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