Comprehensive exhibition catalog carrying 64 color plates (including brand new works and works which were not reproduced in past publications) plus 6 recent installation view. All texts and data are in Japanese / English bilingual. A must-buy catalog which provides you the most recent information on Tillmans.

size: 26*19cm, 136 pages, 2,415 yen (estimated price, including tax)

103*73 cm poster adopting Quarry (2001) will be on sale at 1,050 yen (including tax.) Limited number of 300.

Large size original postcard featuring 6 different works (210 yen each, including tax.)

T-shirt (sold exclusively at our museum shop gallery 5)
Official T-shirt with 6 different images (3,990 yen each, including tax.)

size: YL*/M/L (* youth L corresponds to size S)

*All items are available at gallery 5.

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