?Jim Lambie?Kiyomichi Shibuya?Ernesto Neto

Jim Lambie makes remarkable optical spaces that seem to occupy a different dimension than ordinary reality using images and objects taken from everyday life. Kiyomichi Shibuya creates fantasy environments in peaceful spaces pervaded by a refined sensibility. Ernesto Neto's art of sinuous forms and organic materials liberates the viewer's senses.

The dynamic installations of these three artists completely transform the exhibition spaces of Tokyo Opera City Gallery into art. As soon as visitors enter the space, they find themselves literally inside the work and naturally become engaged in a dialogue with the art.

The title, "Melting Point," refers to the temperature at which a solid melts and turns to liquid but also to the moment when solid and liquid coexist. It is a point where two entirely different things can exist at the same place and the same time.

Jim Lambie's installations trace the physical features and meanings composing the place where they are located. They reflect the external world of the environment and everyday life and a conceptual, psychological inner world. Kiyomichi Shibuya uses the techniques and materials of traditional Japanese art but one can find a fresh, free-spirited sensibility in his themes and means of expression. His work invites viewers into a territory beyond ordinary space and time. The forms created by Ernesto Neto seem to be wrapped in a soft skin. Experiencing them brings a physical and mental sense of liberation and peace.

The installations made for this exhibition are sure to have a strong effect on the senses of the spectator, becoming engraved in memory as a result of direct physical experience.