Shapes and forms that seem to spring to life. Spaces that seamlessly integrate interior and exterior. Revolutionary architectural concepts and evolving technologies have in recent years helped realize buildings that once would have been impossible. Toyo Ito, a leading light of this new architecture, is currently advancing projects all over the world.

The information age is bringing diverse changes to our society and cities at unprecedented speeds. Seeking to transcend the uniform grid aesthetics of Modernist architecture that pared diversity down to rational abstract order, Ito proclaims the "emerging grid" concept that embraces richer complexities and transforms standardized rigidity into fluid organic space, a more natural twenty-first century grid scheme that signals endless new possibilities interrelating architecture and people.

This exhibition examines Ito's new ideas in architecture by focusing on nine works, from the Sendai Mediatheque that opened at the turn of the millenium to his latest Project for Taichung Metropolitan Opera House. Ito's own hand in the presentation can be seen in the "emerging grid" curvilinear floor and "material strength" large-scale models made of the same steel and wood as the actual buildings. Ceiling-high actual-size plans, computer graphic videos and construction site views further illuminate the various projects from many different angles. The entire exhibition space is designed to give the viewer a full body-and-mind experience of Ito's New "Real" in architecture.

Project for Taichung Metropolitan
Opera House (Image CG) 2005 -

Sendai Mediatheque
1994 - 2001

Crematorium in Kakamigahara
2004 - 2006